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Records Bureau



The Records Bureau staff provides services to the public, department personnel and outside Government agencies. The Records Bureau is managed by Records Supervisor, Diana Cisneros and is currently staffed with 9 full time Records Technicians, 2 part time Records Clerks, one Crime Analyst and 1 vacant part time Records Clerk position.

These specialized Records Technicians are trained to tackle an abundance of highly confidential documents as well as preparing, maintaining and retrieval of crime reports, traffic collision reports, vehicle storage reports, arrest reports, and citations. This is done in a manner that ensures accuracy, completeness, and expedient recovery. They liaise with the California Department of Justice and CLETS (California Law Enforcement Telecommunications System), which links our department with every criminal agency in the state and the nation. These responsibilities include the processing, scanning and entry of all police reports, reporting statistical information to the State and Federal Government, matron duties, registrants, and releasing of records required by law.

Phone 323) 887-1225
Fax (323) 887-1318
Fax (323) 725-1592

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