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Sunday, 11 September 2016 20:04

Jail Facility

The facility has a 20-bed capacity. The GEO Group Inc., a private correctional firm, operates the jail facility, under the oversight of a Lieutenant. The facility is staffed by trained custody personnel and supervised by a GEO Group Jail commander. The Jail meets every requirement set forth by the Board of Corrections. The Montebello City Jail offers several programs to the community.

The Self-Pay Inmant Program: is an alternative to serving a sentence in County Jail. With the permission of the sentencing Court, men may select to serve their sentence in the Montebello City Jail in two ways: to serve on consecutive days or weekends. Contact the Jail Supervisor at (323) 887-1200 ext. 230 for more information.

The Montebello City Jail also offers Live-Scan Services: This service is by appointment only. The cost is $28.00, plus any associated State fees. For Live-Scan services, contact the Jail Staff at (323) 887-1200 ext. 230.

PRISON RAPE ELIMINATION ACT (PREA) The Montebello Police Department will comply with the Prison Rape Elimination Act of 2003 (PREA) and have established standards to prevent, detect and respond to sexual abuse, harassment and retaliation against detainees or prisoners in the Montebello Police Department's Type I jail facility. If you would like to report sexual abuse and sexual harassment on behalf of a detainee or prisoner in the Montebello Police Department's jail facility, contact the Jail Commander at (323) 887-1200 ext. 230.

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