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Bike Lane Feasibility Study Report

September 26, 2013


The purpose of the City of Montebello Bike Lane Feasibility Study is to evaluate existing

and proposed bicycle facilities in and around the City and to identify feasible additional

facilities. Once identified, the feasible alternatives will serve as a programming tool for

implementation of future bicycle facilities through the City’s Capital Improvement

Program (CIP) and City budget. To help identify potential future facilities, an initial

community meeting was conducted to receive input of community needs and to

understand the Community’s vision for bicycle routes and connectivity to various public

facilities. Accordingly, the Feasibility Study reviewed the corresponding roadways and

conditions throughout the City, evaluated the feasibility of installing various bicycle

facilities on the desired roadways, evaluated safety concerns along the desired routes,

and recommended feasible facilities for future installation. The project location (City of

Montebello) is shown in Figure 1.

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