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Capt. Brad Keller

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Property & Evidence Unit

Two civilian employees are responsible for the day-to-day operation of our Property and Evidence Unit. Their duties include processing and managing approximately 4,375 items in property and evidence throughout the year. Other responsibilities of this unit include conducting crime scene investigations, photography, videotaping, film processing, fingerprint analysis, and the identification of suspects through CAL ID (an automated fingerprint system). The acquisition of tracking software called QUETEL TRQ has eased the overall operation and safeguarding of property and evidence for personnel.




The property listed on the front of this receipt is currently in the possession of the Montebello Police Dept.  This field receipt is your guide to our procedures regarding how to claim your property and our policy on the disposal of property.  It is your responsibility to contact the Evidence Section as soon as possible if you wish to claim your property, have any questions or special circumstances arise. If you receive notification from the Evidence Section your property is available for release, it will be held for 30-days from the date that notification is mailed (weapons are the exception – see below).  If unclaimed, the property will be disposed or destroyed, according to law.  Property WILL NOT be held longer than the indicated dates.  Evidence may be chemically treated when processed so use caution when handling, prior to cleaning the item.


Penal Code Section 12021.3 requires a person to submit a firearm clearance application to the California Department of Justice, with the appropriate fees, and receive authorized clearance prior to the return of any firearm by any agency or court.  Any unclaimed firearm may be disposed of 180-days after the owner has been notified the firearm has been made available for return.  In addition, a $135.00 “weapon storage” fee will be charged by the Montebello Police Department for each weapon released to an owner or gun dealer.  YOU WILL NEED TO HAVE A VALID PICTURE ID TO RECEIVE ANY ITEMS



EVIDENCE:  Evidence is any property related to a crime or incident that may implicate or vindicate a person from a criminal charge. In order to claim property seized as “evidence” you will need to complete a RETURN OF PROPERTY form, which can be obtained by contacting the MPD Evidence Section.  This property will be kept until it is no longer needed as evidence.


FOUND:  Items will be held for 90-days awaiting pickup by the owner.  Items not claimed within 90-days will be disposed of. A “Finder’s Affidavit” must be completed if you wish unclaimed found property to be returned to you.  FOUND WEAPONS WILL NOT BE RELEASED.


SAFEKEEPING:  Items will be held for 60-days awaiting pickup by the owner.  Items not claimed within 60-days will be disposed of.  If you are unable to pick up your property, a representative may pick up the property on your behalf, if they bring a release letter with your signature stating their full name and authorizing them to receive your property.  Safekeeping weapons fall under Penal Code Section 12021.3 (see above section in bold).


STOLEN OR EMBEZZLED PROPERTY: In compliance with Penal Code 1413, a Declaration of Ownership must be filed with us.  The person from who custody of the property was taken will receive notice that a claim of ownership has been made and will have an opportunity to be heard on the matter.  If the person upon whom a notice of claim and proof of ownership does not respond within 15-days of receipt of the notice, the property may be disposed of accordingly.


WEAPONS SEIZED DUE TO DOMESTIC VIOLENCE (PENAL CODE 12028.5): The weapon(s) are being held according to law.  Weapons may be available for release as early as 48-hours and no later than 5 business days from the date of this receipt, subject to a criminal history and background check clearance conducted by MPD and after you have obtained authorized clearance to possess the weapon, per Penal Code Section 12021.3.


WEAPONS RELINQUISHED DUE TO COURT ORDER (FAMILY CODE 6389): Weapons turned into Montebello Police, as required by court order, are held for the duration stated on the order.  At the conclusion of this period the weapon is available for release within 5 business days, subject to a criminal history and background check clearance conducted by MPD, and after you have received authorized DOJ clearance to possess the weapon, per Penal Code Section 12021.3.


WEAPONS HELD PER 5150, 8102, and 8103 WELFARE & INSTITUTIONS CODE: The weapon(s) are being held according to law.   The weapon(s) may be returned 30-days after your release from the examining health facility and after you have received authorized clearance to possess the weapon, per Penal Code Section 12021.3.






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