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Building Contact
Alex Hamilton

1600 W. Beverly Blvd.
Montebello, CA 90640
Phone: 323-887-1436
Fax: 323-887-1488
Building Permits Required

You Need Approval From:

  • Planning Division for all new fencing.
  • Public Works for all new concrete walkways and driveways.

You Need A Permit For:

  • Building a block wall / retaining wall over 3 feet in height from bottom of footing to the wall cap.**
  • Construction of any detached accessory building, patio gazebo, greenhouse, etc., exceeding 120 square feet, and all attached structures to main buildings.
  • Building a swimming pool, spa, hot tub or pond.
  • Installing lawn sprinklers valves, replacing or installing new water lines, water heaters, garbage disposals, dishwashers, bathroom & kitchen sinks, gas lines, etc.
  • Installing a new or upgrade of an existing electrical service and/or adding new circuits receptacles and lighting fixtures.
  • Installing or replacing central air conditioning and heating units, wall furnaces, etc.
  • Constructing a new structure, altering or adding to an existing structure, re-roof, installing of new windows or plastering over wood siding of an existing structure.
  • Changing the grading of your lot (consult with City Public Works Department for their requirements).

You Do Not Need a Permit For:

  • Painting, sand-blasting, color or texture coating or re-stucco-ing over existing stucco on your home.
  • Landscape projects including new planters, shrubs, and trees.
  • Concrete walkways and driveways. **
  • Any wrought iron or wood fence under 6 feet high, and garden or retaining walls under 4 feet high. **
  • Minor repairs such as roof patch-up, cabinet, tile work or any cosmetic projects.

Requirements To Obtain Building Permits:

To protect our residents and contractors against fraud, the City of Montebello would appreciate your cooperation in providing the required documents listed below when obtaining permits.

It is the responsibility of the owner/builder or contractor to be familiar with the project enough to read and interpret the approved plans. The owner/builder or contractor will then inform Building and Safety Division as to what types of permits are necessary for the project such as Plumbing (i.e. no. of fixtures), Electrical (i.e. no. of branch circuits), and Mechanical (i.e. no. of compressors).

Unfortunately, if the required documentation is not presented and readily available to the Building Department at time of permit issuance, permits will not be issued.

All commercial/industrial electrical jobs require a licensed contractor to obtain permits.


  • Current City Business License (obtained at the Building counter)
  • Current State Contractors’ Pocket I.D.
  • Workers’ Compensation Insurance Certificate with the State Contractors’ License Board listed as the Holder.
  • Original Current Notarized Letter of Authorization on Company Letterhead for a designated employee (listed by name) to obtain permits unless license holder obtains the permit. (Valid for up to 1-year of when letter was dated).


  • Proof of Ownership (i.e. County Property Tax Bill, Grant Deed, etc.)
  • Current California I.D. or Driver’s License.
  • Workers’ Compensation Insurance Certificate with City named as the holder except when Owner or Owner’s family is doing the work.
  • Original Notarized Letter of Authorization from owner for a designated person (listed by name) to obtain if applicant is not owner. (Valid for up to 1-year of when letter was dated).

**Also CONSULT with Planning Division (323) 887-1477 and/or Public
Works (323) 887-1460 for requirements, approvals, & possible permits**

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