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Code Enforcement Contact
Code Enforcement

1600 W. Beverly Blvd.
Montebello, CA 90640
Phone: 323-887-1490

Information for Businesses  

It is our goal to work with our business community to ensure voluntary compliance with the code requirements governing businesses.  The following information is provided to help us reach that goal.  We cannot, however, cover all code requirements in this format. 


All permanent signs must be approved by the City. Banners, inflatables and other types of temporary signs are permitted with a Temporary Use Permit.  Please contact the Planning Department before installing any signs.

Special Events  

Outdoor displays of merchandise, parking lot sales, sidewalk sales, and other events that take place outside of your business are permitted only with a Temporary Use Permit.  Before planning this type of an event contact the Planning Department for more information and permit processing time (please allow three to four weeks depending on the type of the event). 

Alcohol Sales

The City of Montebello does have an ordinance governing the sales of alcoholic beverages.  Before adding alcohol sales to your business or if you currently have an ABC License making any type of a change to your current business operation please contact the Planning Department.


Adding seating, outdoor seating, or any change in seating for your business may or may not be permitted depending on the zoning codes.  Please contact the Planning Department before making any changes to your current seating.  (Note:  This applies to seating for the public, not the arrangement of your office furniture.)

Exterior Building Colors

The City of Montebello does have an ordnance governing the colors of exterior paint.  Before painting your building please contact the Planning Department for more information.


Dances are not permitted without either a special dance permit for temporary events or a cabaret license businesses which incorporate dances as part of their normal business activity. 
Businesses that wish to have dancing as a permanent part of their business require a cabaret license. Please contact the Planning Department to begin the process.


Filming does require a Film Permit from the City.  Please contact the Planning Department.

Other Changes

Making any type of change to your business might require additional permits and/or licenses.  Before making any change to your business please contact Code Enforcement.

The Code Enforcement Staff is here to help you.  Please contact us with any questions you might have regarding business regulations here in the City of Montebello.  You can reach us at (323) 887-1490.

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